Like I said, the one thing I cannot stand is hypocrisy, and that’s all I see from these tumblr sjws.

I personally believe in equality for everyone, but equality calls for sharing the good and the bad of both sides. Not just giving all the good shit to one side or another.

And that is the last I’ll say on tumblr SJ shit for a (hopefully) long time


tumblr can be such a shitty place.


you have people screaming ignorant bullshit about “cis scum,” “skinny bitches,” “hetero trash” and “white male tears” all while simultaneously preaching that you shouldn’t treat people like shit because of their sexuality, body type, race or gender.

you realize how hypocritical you people are, right?

  • tumblr: Tumblr helped me learn to not be bigoted! I'm extremely openminded and progressive now!
  • tumblr: [demonizes white people, cis people, and heterosexual people; claims minorities who don't agree with them have "internalized [insert brand of hatred here]" or are otherwise brainwashed, and that their own hatred is perfectly justified]